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Has anybody ever brewed beer in a pressure vessel under a pressure of about
15 pounds (similar to that of a pressure cooker). Is there any advantage to
brewing under pressure. Is it a practice that is used at all? I thought
about this years ago and never really followed it through.
Steve W


Re: brewing under pressure
I don't know if this will work, the higher pressure will force more CO2 into
the liquid. This'll probably make your yeast less active just as the alcohol
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Re: brewing under pressure
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At first I assumed that you were talking about fermenting under pressure.
After re-reading your note, I'm not so sure... you could mean to pressurize
the boiling part of the process.

1. There is literature about FERMENTING under pressure.  A quick google
found a reference like:
    "... Teri Fahrendorf's excellent article
    _Closed System Pressurized Fermentation_ in the 1992
    special issue of Zymurgy."
and I know it has been discussed so you can probably find a lot on it.

2. If you mean pressurized boil... then I doubt it would be beneficial
for a couple reasons.  One is that you usually want to have some
evaporation from the boil to get your volume down and your gravity right
(I know that there just was a big discussion in rec.crafts.brewing on
covered vs. uncovered boils and evaporation - and I don't want to add
"pressurized" to that discussion).  Second, the biggest reason not to
do it is that you want to boil off a lot of undesirable flavor compounds
such as DMS and a pressure cooker seems like it would trap those.

3. Now, there are references to using a pressure cooker to do the
decoction part of the brewing process.  I intend to try this one day,
however it seems to be you'd have to be very careful to guard against
the boiling grain plugging up your steam vent!  There are web pages
about this around too.


Re: brewing under pressure
ahh, quickdraw steve. nice to see you hear. seems we share the same to
interests, landrovers and beer-brewing. fancy that hey? i haven't been
posting on the landrover forum for quite a while because outlook express
refuses to send my posts. will have to investigate the problem sometime as i
am fairly annoyed with it!!



Re: brewing under pressure
Arrgh. Be it so, Land Rovers & beer. In answer to Derric's question, I was
referring to fermenting under low pressure. I will check out the web leads
you gave me. Remember Sam, beer and land rovers don't really mix all that
well. Also, there's plenty of other mail and news programs if outlook is
giving you grief.
PS. The QuickDraw Steve comes from using CorelDraw most of the day and I
reckon I'm pretty quick at it. (You'll find me lurking on most of the Corel
NG's as well).
Steve W
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Re: brewing under pressure
seems to be working now.

and i know that it is best not to pursue these two interests simultaneously.

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