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Is there any reason why the general populous uses round buckets for
brewing?!?!  Is there a reason why a rectangular Rubbermaid cannot be
used?!?  Please, your thoughts!!!


Re: Brewing Vessels
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Now there's an idea.  I'm sure a big Rubbermaid container would work fine.
The only challenges I could see would be getting the lid on tight enough to
prevent contamination, and assuming you can indeed get the lid on tight,
you'd want to drill a hole in the lid for a fermentation lock.  Personally,
I'd stick with the bucket system, which works just perfectly and is pretty
easy to keep clean, snap the lid on, etc.  But whatever floats your boat
should be just fine.  Heck, back throughout history, all sorts of containers
were used.... barrels, stone casks, whatever... if it could hold liquid, it
could be used to make beer.

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Re: Brewing Vessels
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Just check if it's food grade plastic before using it, regular plasctic
could give taste to beer that you may not like.
Altair (:-o)>=
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Re: Brewing Vessels

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I use a rectangular Rubbermaid cooler for my mashing.  I have had no
problems at all.  I don't know what else you are asking about.  I use round
buckets for sparging but that is because the set up I bought came with round
buckets.  I suppose you could build your own using square buckets an have no

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