bubbling for 8 days straight

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I created a wort on Thursday. It took a day to start bubbling and it has
been bubbling ever since - now 8 days. A bubble in the air lock every 12
seconds or so. Is this normal?

Re: bubbling for 8 days straight

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It can be with a high malt concentration, high or rising temperatures,
enzymes added to promote complete fermentation, poor initial aeration
or mixing, low yeast activity at the start, etc.

Long fermentation could be from the slow start -

Are you using a blow off technique for the primary fermentation?.

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Re: bubbling for 8 days straight
No idea what the blow off method is.

I've just got a coopers plastic fermentation container with a clear lid.
When I look inside, it is just a mass of tan coloured bubbles - at bit like
a milk shake - smells like roast bananas. Last week the bubbles got so high
they were comming out of the air lock.

I cleaned the air lock out with clean fresh water and put it back.
Fortunately they have subsided a bit. Probably about 2-3cms thick now. A
bubble every 5 seconds now.

I used a wyeast smack pack. That took about 24 hours to expand so maybe it
is just slow acting yeast.

Re: bubbling for 8 days straight

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That's what blow off is all about . . . bubbles out the airlock.  Not
really for  plastic;  works better in glass.  The neck of the carboy
funnels the stuff floating on top out of the carboy during the early
stages of fermentation (hops and grain particles etc.)  Makes for a
better tasting "cleaner/clearer" brew.  You will lose 1-3 bottles of
wort (the downside)

The blow off apparatus is just a plastic tube going from the carboy
stopper down into a gallon jug holding 1"  of water (the airlock
during blow off).  When the blow off stage is finished (usually 24
hours from the start of blow off, which is usually 5-8 hours after the
yeast is pitched) the tube is taken out and cleaned and a stopper with
a regular airlock is put in place.

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 On the theory that strong alcohol kills yeast - I've been filling my
bubbler air locks with whiskey.  
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24 hours is what I usually see with the wyeast liquids.

Re: bubbling for 8 days straight
default wrote:
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MERCY ! Your LHBS must have some OLD smak paks, mine are ready to pitch
in 5 hours and ferment 4 hours after pitching, of course I'm doing ales,
so my higher temps (73F) encourage yeasts activity

Your bananna odor is a symptom of a fermentation event that occurs in
Ales where the temp is in the high 70's...Any time the temp stays above
75 for  a length of time, you'll get that odor (the textbooks say..I
havent observed it personally).

If you can get your fermenter into a swamp and lower it below 75,
frequently the intermediaries making that odor will be metabolized by
the yeast and a good secondary and long period in the bottle will serve
you well to restoring the correct flavors


Re: bubbling for 8 days straight
Well it is still going strong (11 days and counting). Bubble every 8
seconds. No sign of an infection (no white floaties or movement).

The temperature of my wort has been between 20 and 24 degrees. I have a
stick on thermometer.

I think the mass of bubbles is subsiding.

I would estimate that there is about 1.5cm of white dead yeast cells at the

My "brewing for dummies" book suggest that if it keeps of going for 3 weeks,
it could be an infection.

When it slows down, I may try to do a secondary.

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Re: bubbling for 8 days straight
Gawd! Tiny, I hope your temperature isnt CENTIGRADE !  22 degrees
centigrade is ABOUT 80F  FAR too hot !    If it's  fahrenheit, your beer


Tiny wrote:
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Re: bubbling for 8 days straight
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Actually, 22 C is 71.6 F... not too bad, but could stand to be a bit cooler.
Might I suggest wrapping a moist towel around the fermenter, and perhaps
blowing a fan on it?  Unless the relative humidity is 100%, this should keep
your fermentation a few degrees cooler, and cooler temperatures will reduce
that (dare I say) nasty banana aroma.  Although for this batch, it is
probably already too late.  But at least for next time, consider keeping
your fermentation less than 21-22 C if possible.  The wet towel method is
just one easy way to do it.

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Re: bubbling for 8 days straight
It is in the bath tub at the moment.

It has almost stopped bubbling with almost no froth on top now.

I'll probably bottle it on Saturday.

Re: bubbling for 8 days straight
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You're probably fine.... although depending on your sanitation technique,
there is a slight possibility that it is contaminated.  Assuming you've used
a plastic bucket, when the fermentation slows down to around one bubble per
minute, open it up and check it out.  Of course, if you have a glass carboy,
you can look in from the outside.  Either way, do you see any clumps of
fuzzy white stuff or anything unusual like that?  It happened to me once.
But I'd give it a few more days..... I'm guessing it's probably just fine,
just got off to a slow start.  If you didn't use a starter, next time use
one, and be sure to aerate the wort very well when pitching the yeast to
give the yeast enough oxygen to get started.

"Just a drink, a little drink, and I'll be feeling GOOooOOooOOooD!" --  
Genesis, 1973-ish

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