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Anybody know if there is any brewing value in buckwheat?


Re: Buckwheat
Jason Torrick wrote:
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Buckwheat has been used as an adjunct for a long time in a few beers.
It also is used to make gluten free beers.  It has a high gelatinisation
temp so need to be boiled first. Extract potential is about 1.032.

Can be used lightly roasted to add colour to gluten free beers, or use
Kasha (a roasted buchwheat).
I think Rogues make a buckwheat ale.


Re: Buckwheat
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Funny you should mention that.  I was actually eating kasha with a steak and
a homebrew when I thought to ask the question.  Just idle curiosity, really.
Rex Merdinus

Invisus Inauditus Impavidus

Re: Buckwheat
As mentioned in a previous response, it can be used to make gluten
free beer, as I am in the process of doing right now.  Why you ask?
There are millions of people now with a disease called ciliac disease
which is an intolerance to gluten, which every beer has, so you have
to use adjuncts which are gluten free, buckwheat, sorghum (sp?),
millet are a few.  As for the rest of the recipe, it includes 6lbs of
rice syrup, saaz, hallertaur hersbrucker hops and corn sugar.  Of
course you can't go out and buy malted buckwheat so you have to do
this yourself....about a 3-4 day process, but not too difficult.  

I'll let ya'll know how it turns out, I just finished the malting
process on the buckwheat yesterday, so will be making the beer in the
next day or so.


On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 18:09:05 -0600, "Jason Torrick"

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Re: Buckwheat

I have used and experimented with buckwheat many time, coming very clos

to cloning Rogues Buckwheat Ale. I would be happy to answer an
questions, share information on brewing with buckwheat. you can e-mai
me at jeff.potter@comcast.net. If you have Promash brewing software,
have a few recipes you may enjoy

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