Building a room with a brew *groan*

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I've brewed a few in the past, I've made wine and gave it away.... but now
I'm going to build my own room.   Does anyone have links to a blueprint or
tips on what I need to consider for building my new Brewing Room?

Size, appliances, things that I need that I would have never thought of.

I'm hoping to make it compact but not too much.  I was thinking about a
9'x9' room with all the fixings.  Any Ideas???


Re: Building a room with a brew *groan*

9x9 will be way to small. Think about all the stuff that you need to
brew. Then think about all the stuff that needs to be out while
brewing. You'll need plenty of room when brewing your beer. I brew
mostly extract and use a turkey deep fryer. That means I need enough
room for the fryer, tank and extra room to mover around without
worrying about bumping into anything hot.

If you brew extract you won't need as much room compared to all-grain.
There is more equipment so you need more room. Not to mention that
you'll be brewing longer so you'll want to be comfortable.

  Sink, table, floor drain, some type of kegerator (chest freezer or
fridge), and your basic brewing equipment.

   I set my kettle over the floor drain just in case I have a boil
over. A table is used for your carboys and as a work space for prepping
the ingredients. You can use the space below for buckets, kegs, burner
and propane tank. I few shelves and maybe a bar hanging from the
ceiling to store other brewing equipment is nice and gets the stuff out
of the way. The chest freezer or upright fridge is for lagering and
beer storage.

Another bonus item is a radio and/or TV. Need some entertainment
between steps.

As you can see, with all this stuff a 9x9 room just won't cut it.
You'll run the risk of tripping over the line from your propane tank or
bumping into your brew kettle not to mention that it will be
uncomfortable to be in there. Plus it helps to have room for helpers.
Not sure about blue prints.
Good Luck

Re: Building a room with a brew *groan*

Why are you making a brew room? Are you going to brew for the town you live
in? It would be cheaper to make a roll around self contained brewing cart. I
took a cooler and put a copper coil in it on the bottom I put a pass through
with a wire mesh to strain the grains. I took the copper pipe and routed it
through a pump to a pot on a burner. I have a temperature controller that
turns on the pump that moves the water in the copper pipe. The controller
has a timer on it with an alarm. When I am done steeping the grains I drain
the water from the cooler to the pot and I have a second pump that pumps
from the pot back up to the cooler and sprays over the grain and drains back
to the pot.

It cost about $600 to make. I bet the remodel will be more than that.

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Re: Building a room with a brew *groan*

My brew room is my

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Re: Building a room with a brew *groan*

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If you find some, please post them.

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Sink, stove (hopefully not electric), two refrigerators, a sink,
and a hell of a lot of storage space.

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9'x9' seems very small to me as an enclosed room.


There is so much you have not written.  Where you live is very
important because it dictates climate, insulation, and cooling.
Are you a kit brewer or an all-grain brewer?  How much beer do
you plan to brew a year?  Do you heat with natural gas, propane,
electricty, wood, or solar energy?  What is your energy source
for cooking?

Is your brew room to be the conversion of an existing room, an
extension on you house, or an out-building?  How much of the
work can you do yourself?  Have you seen Big Bertha?  If not.
Do you plan to brew indoors or roll brewing system onto your
driveway or patio?  In which case you need to consider amongst
a plethora of brewing systems.

I keg because bottle bombs cause my childbride to explode!

Problems to consider when setting up an in-home brewery are:
1) How will you take it with you when you move?
2) How will you present the room when selling your home?

I have control over a 1500 sg ft basement (except when my
childbride come downstairs) and I brew outside because I
have 7.5' ceilings and an electric stove that sucks.

Now if you are between Philly and Raleigh and would like
to brew an Arrogant Bastard clone, my time is your time
provided you have a spare bedroom for me to sleep it off!


Re: Building a room with a brew *groan*

I came up with this a few months ago. I've not built it so I don't know how
good it would actually work.

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