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My sponsor generated $19,000 in commissions in his first 27 days of
activity. And guess what? He made NO sales presentations. He simply invites
people to watch an online, 5-minute movie.

One of our colleagues earned $30,000 in his first 30 days. Another associate
earned $51,000 in her first 43 days!

It's true. This is a completely AUTOMATED marketing system that's perfect
for even the most inexperienced entrepreneur.

Can anyone do this? Well, you know how to send out emails, don't you? You
can also get a no-charge Group Mailer that enables you to send out  messages
like this to opt-in leads on an automated basis.

Because our sponsor is in the lead business, he will give you 5,000 leads at
no cost to get started. He will even send you the same ads he runs and shows
you where to place them  cost-effectively.

Remember, you'll be using the same AUTOMATED marketing system he does. Same
type leads. Same letter. Same ads.

PLUS, you'll have the same award-winning website we all use featuring the
5-minute movie and a detailed explanation of our fabulous product.

Will you get the same results? Who knows? You may do BETTER than all of
them! It's entirely possible, but only time will tell.

So if you have the same passion to change your financial well being as I do,
this link will take you the next step.

Kindest regards,

Suzanne Rioux1-800-587-9046 ext. 9981
Independent Distributor for Emerald Passport


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