Can you make Marmite?

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Possibly a silly question, but I understand Marmite is made from the
dregs left over after fermenting beer. Is it possible to make your own
Marmite from the leftovers once you've finished bottling, and has anyone
tried this?

Re: Can you make Marmite?

here is a little info on it.... I'm nnot sure how it's made though.
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Re: Can you make Marmite?

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Ah Marmite, looks and smells like road tar, but tastes great.  
Or was that vegemite?  

Marmite is like Coco Cola - the recipe is a trade secret.  
There is a explanation of the process at

Farmers haul off tons of the stuff from breweries to use as
animal feed.  So there's no reason to believe the sediment at
the bottom of a fermenter would harm you.  Just put some on a
cracker (or on your finger) and see how it tastes.


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