Canadian Equipment Supplier needed

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Hello folks,, I am looking for an online supplier located in Canada
specifically for a large brew pot with spigot for draining the wort, arond
100 to 150 liters.  All my local shops dont carry any lareg brewpots, saying
that people can get the cheaper at the local Canadian Tire,, which is true,
however not in the size I am looking for, and they dont have a spigot, and I
cant weld stainless steele.

Even when I search for .ca sites, most results lead me to USA sites. They
have what I am looking for, but our Canada Customs is always a surprise with
their duty when an article arrives,, often adding 50 percent or more to the
cost, and I dont like giving my money to Revenue Canada!!!

Can anyone out there let me know some Canadian web sites which have large
brewpots, and some of the other goodies I have seen online, like the
"therminator:, conical fermenters, and all the cool little things that will
allow me to gear up to brewing 50 to 70 liter batches.  I have been an all
grain brewer for years,, brewing for few months, getting cranky at the
effort and giving it up to brew extracts for a year ot two, and repeating
the cycle,, the way I figure it if I brew double or triple batches I am more
likely to not get so cranky. Honestly though, the best thing would be if my
wife didnt want to drink my beer so I wouldnt have to share,,, perhaps
that's why I get cranky!!

Thanks so much,, any links etc would be much appreciated.

Pyreneesmountain .  Halifax, Nova Scotia
"Alexander Keith is not the only great Nova Scotian Brewer"

Re: Canadian Equipment Supplier needed

Try or slimline manufacturing.  I don't
know if they still make them in this size.

Pyreneesmountain wrote:
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