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I'm about to put together a cider and would like to know if using
pasteurized squeezings would make for a clear product.  Would adding pectic
enzyme to the must prior to pitching make for a clear end product?

Thanks for any info!


Re: Cider
Brian wrote:
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No and no...the only reason you'd need to add pctic enzyme is if you
screwed up and heated the juice...DON'T do that!  A month or so in
primary, 2-6 months in secondary will give you crystal clear cider.

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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Re: Cider
Thanks, Denny

It was my understanding that pasteurized cider had been heated, causing the
pectin to set, hence my question.


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Re: Cider
Well, yeah. Odds are it's been flash pasteurized, which likely set the
pectins. It's possible to pasteurize without doing that, but it's a
slow processes and most commercial cider/juice don't bother.

Time will clear any cider. Time + cold will clear it faster. I made my
first cider from pasturized store cider in October. It's been I think
two months so far. I can see bands forming in the carboy, so it's
getting there. I just picked up a temperature controller for my chest
freezer and plan to stick it in there in hopes of bottling a nice clear
hard cider by the new year.
I've learned hard cider isn't for the impatient.

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