Cleaning Troubles

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I have encountered a strange thing and I am writing about it because another
member of my local brew club did also.

I use either Straight A or Oxy Clean (original version or a knock off)  I
filled my carboy with cold water, outdoor faucet, put in a measured amount
using the spoon supplied. Let the carboy stand 3-4 days.  Temperature here
in Eastern NC dropped to the 30-40 at night.  By the way I let it stand in
my attached garage.

When I went to clean the carboy there was a crystalline deposit on the
bottom and some on the sides.  This has also occurred to my glass bottles I
let stand in a plastic bucket, but not to the bucket or anything else
plastic or metal.  ONLY glass items have been affected.

You can not wash out or scrap off the crystals.  I tried many methods and
cleaners but nothing is removing these very fine crystals.

Any ideas what has occurred here?  How to remove them.  I do not thing they
will have any effect on the beer, just have not tested it yet.

ATF Home Brew Club
New Bern NC

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