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I just aquired 2 left behind commerical kegs.  I know there are adapters to
co2 power them.  I have a few corny kegs and could take care of that part.
But what about filling and cleaning them?  Will the keg adapters provide
enough means to clean them well?  And what about filling them.  Should I
fill 3 corny kegs and do a pressurized tubing transfer into it?  Do a
reverse flow throught the adpter?

Worth brewing a triple batch...or a waste of my time?

Re: Commerical Kegs
On Thu, 18 Nov 2004, it was written:

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    Cleaning OLD sanke kegs is best done by disassembling them (unless
you have a pressure keg washer-NOT!).  I pulled one open and found a bunch
of beer "gunk" that wouldn't have been removed without a PBW soak and/or
physical scrubbing.   I haven't tried to put it back together as it is
more trouble than it is worth.  It makes a fine fermentor with the serving
hardware removed.  Eventually, I plan to return it to the brewery for the
Warren Place

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