Cooling worth, or Not?!

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I am a full grain brewer who till now made an effort to quickly cool the
worth after the boil, in a couple of large enamel pots using  the kitchen
sink and cold water bath.
Now that the temp in my garage, where I do the boil, drops to around 10C, or
even lower overnight, I just leave the worth in the pot, after the boil is
finished in the evening, for the night to cool off. In the morning, I use a
sieve to get rid of the leaf-hops and then stir in the yeast in prep for the
I have done this a couple of times and noticed no drop in the quality of the
finished beer.
Would appreciate comment about this. Thanks..

Re: Cooling worth, or Not?!

I don't think rapid cooling of wort is a necessity like the equipment
makers say it is.  I got tired of cleaning the wort chiller and now I
just let the wort sit for about 30-60 minutes and then add cold water
from the fridge to bring it up to the proper level in the fermenter.
I had not had any problems at all and will continue doing it this way.

BTW, about a year ago I invested in a reverse osmosis unit for under
the kitchen sink.  It saved a lot of money over bottled water, the
water tastes great, and I use it for the homebrew as well.  



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