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I have a bunch of the large Deleirum Tremens bottles and would love to
reuse them on a potential clone recipe.  Bottle caps won't fit, as they
came corked like a champange bottle (albeit a smaller cork than
traditional champagne).

So, how does corking beer work out for you folks?  Any idea where I can
get some corks and, most importantly, how do I keep them from popping
out during carbonation?


Re: Corking

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I've never done it, but I understand it can be done.  Some (probably
larger) home brew on-line stores supposedly have the corks.  You will
need the wire basket/bail to go over the cork and hold it down when it
pressurizes.  I suppose you can get those on-line too.  Spend some time
with the large on-line sites and see what you can find.  Perhaps can help you out too.

Re: Corking

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005, Dobbson wrote:

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    I just looked into it.  Northern Brewer sells a cork
for $0.50, but you a wire bail (also $0.50, I think).  Anyway, you need a
special champagne corker which will cost over $100.  Unless you plan to
cork a lot of beer or make champagne, that seems like an expensive
project.  Instead, get 29mm bottle caps and a special capper (or
attachment to your current model) for much less.
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