Corny Kegs again!

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I just LOVE using corny kegs for my beer.  My first batch must be
evaporating because I can't believe I am drinking it that fast! ;-)
I wanted to know if my beer is in danger of getting "skunky" from
getting warm.  I have had it in a bucket of cold water (sometimes I'll
throw in some ice) on the back porch and the nights have been pretty
cool 30-45f and the days have been warmer (especially the week after
Thanksgiving) 50-60 f.  I would hope the cold water would provide some
thermal mass that will carry the temp through the day and then cool
down again at night. How wide a range of temps are needed to make a
beer "skunky"  Any ideas on how to prevent it?  I do not have an extra
fridge to keep it cool 24/7. Frankly I enjoy beer at 45-50 f.  I don't
know if this is common or not.

Re: Corny Kegs again!

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NOPE!  "Skunk" comes from certain wavelengths of light interacting with
hop compounds.  Since a corny isn't transparent, there's no light
interaction, so no skunking.

Details: The wavelengths in question are found in sunlight and in
florescent lights, but NOT incancescent lights.  Also, brown glass will
block them but green and clear glass will NOT.  That's why a lot of
imports (green) are skunked (and some people seem to think, incorrectly,
that is a normal flavor of import beer).

There's no flavor impact from normal "room" temperature fluctuations.
However, don't store your beer in a 100F garage all summer!  It will
"age" faster at higher temperatures.


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