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Of the malt makers I've listed below is there any difference in
Is there one that really stands out?
What are the main differance between them?


Simpsons Malt
Briess Malt & Ingredients Company
Crisp Malting

Re: Crystal Malt Makers

Mike wrote:
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This is a difficult question to answer.  It all depends on what you are
buying and planning to brew.  If your recipe calls for a British pale
malt, go with Crisp, though Simpsons would work equally well.  If you
are doing a Scottish ale, go with the Simpsons Golden Promise.  If you
are doing pilsners or any other German style beers, go with Weyermann.
For recipes calling for good old American 2 row, stick with the Briess
and the stuff they malt in Wisconsin.

They are all equally good overall.  Which one to pick depends on the
recipe and style of beer.  There are also a number of other major malt
producers that belong on this list, but you do list the most common of
the really good ones.

Bugeater Brewing Company

Re: Crystal Malt Makers

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Re: Crystal Malt Makers

Mike wrote:
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In the UK, there's one co. that only makes coloured malts etc, which
IMO are very good - French & Jupps -

According to the website, they do export to US (if that's where you
are?) though I don't know if anyone sells it on to homebrewers. One of
the best UK maltsters, doesn't make coloured
malts (last I heard), but gets F&J to make them instead.

In my expereience F&J's crystal malt is lovely stuff, I've found
Fawcett's crystal a bit harsh/roasty (though their pale crystal is

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