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I've checked out a couple pieces of software out there for keeping track of the
recipes that I've done but none that keep track of everything I want or all are
lacking in some form or another.

Right now I'm using spreadsheets to keep track of beers, gravity reading,
potential alcohol, as well as continual calculation of real alcohol based off
of gravity readings.  I have it parse out a graph on the side.  It's quick and
dirty until I can find a better solution.

Is there anything out there that allows you to put in your own recipes, or
already has the AHS recipe database in it) and allows multiple entries for
gravity readings as well as notes?  Although freeware would be better I'm not
adverse to paying for a piece of software that works well.

Re: Desperately Seeking Software

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Have you looked at these:
    ProMash     StrangeBrew     Qbrew (linux)
    SUDS     BeerSmith
Googl'ing for "beer brewing software" turned up lots of link pages, a
good one seems to be: which has several more in addition to the above.

Re: Desperately Seeking Software
I'm a programmer/homebrewer and would be interested in putting something
together.  My .txt based log is getting a bit too large to handle and it
would be good in integrate my spreadsheets, log and recipe database into
a more comprehensive brewing "console".

Contact me off-list with your requirements and maybe I can come up with
something we can both use.

Ed Centanni.

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