diacetyl -- HELP!

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Hi all,

Im doing research on diacetyl whereby I am going to build a model in matlab
to predict whether the fermentation is bad based on the first 48-60 hours
using past datasets .  I was wondering if anyone could send me information
regarding diacetyl or past work done on this subject.  What is diacetyl
affected by during the course of fermentation... ie. I have data on yeast
generation number, time, temperature, specific gravity and VDK (diacetyl)
for 43 bach fermentations.  Can anyone tell what links are between Specific
gravity and Diacetyl concentration.

I need to plot a graph of  'Time taken for diacetyl to be in spec. (i.e
below value of 0.1)' vs. 'steepest slope of SG curve'). Any idea on what I
should expect?



Can anyone help?

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Re: diacetyl -- HELP!

john wrote:
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John tery posting this on www.brewandviews.com.  There is at least one
poster there, by the name of Fredrik, who has done some work on
something similar.  

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Re: diacetyl -- HELP!

This link doesn't appear to work???

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