Different sizes of spigot and bottle filler.

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Hello everyone,
    I racked my first homebrew to the 2nd stage fermenter today. While in
the process of transfer, I was looking at my bottling bucket. My
bottling bucket has, what I believe to be, a 5/8th inch spigot at the
bottom. I also have my bottle filler, which fits on the end of a 5/16th
inch hose. I guess I was so excited to brew my first beer; I started
purchasing supplies left and right and I didn't think about the two not
fitting together. Whoops. So far this is the only problem I have ran
into. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions? I would like to
use the bottle filler in combination with the spigot at the bottom of my
bottling bucket. But if I have to, I'll use the siphon method.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Different sizes of spigot and bottle filler.

Im not sure if I understand exactly what the problem is, but I had a
similar problem (I think) with the spigot on my fermenter. I had a
length of clear plastic hose which slips over the end of the bottle
filler, the other end of the plastic hose is exactly the same size as
the spigot. After asking at my home brew shop, where they informed me
that it was not possible to attach the hose to the spigot!! I realised
that if I cut an inch off the end of the bottle filler, and stuck that
in the spigot, the hose would fit perfectly. Which it did. Hope this


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