DIV positioning question

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Is there "simple" way position some DIV in bottom of window, or in bottom of
HTML, what ever happens to be "lower" in screen. I mean that if contents of
page do not fill whole window, I want position DIV in bottom of window, and
if contents do not fit on window, then I want DIV positioned at the end of
HTML (in bottom of page where ever it is)

Here's test thing I made, in smaller window, windowed mode, in IE or opera
footer bar is as should, in the end of page, but if I maximize window
(1024x768 resolution here) it is not anymore in bottom. Is there easy way to
move footer in bottom of page or window without using table with two rows or
something? I try avoid table as layout.

And can something like "news" thing (in table on that page) considered as
tabular data? Or should I take table off and use something else as "layout"?
If so, what, any ideas are apreciated?

Also welcome are comments if layout breaks on certain browsers. I have only
tested this thing in Opera 7.23 and IE 6. Any other comments, suggestions,
etc are welcome.

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