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Ok folks, I have recently finished my 10th batch of beer and all is
going quite well AND I helped talk a co-worker into making his own beer
as well.

I have been going off of my LBS'es house recipies for the most part with
great success.  After having a couple of bottles of Dogfish Head's Black
and Blue, I'm looking to make a clone or a close copy.  It is a Belgian
Ale, 10% alcohol, with blackberries and blueberries.

If I take my LBS'es house Belgian Double which is 6.x ABV and add 3 lbs
of blackberry and 3 lbs of blueberry puree from a can, will I end up
with too much fermentables and kill off my yeast?  Should I use only
half a 3 lb can per berry type?  I use Wyeast smack packs in a starter
with a magnetic stir plate and oxygen prior to adding the yeast already,
so I think I have the ability to create a high gravity ale.  I just
don't want to waste 5 gallons of beer because my venture into the
unknown went bad.

I'm up for comments and suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Dogfish Head Black and Blue clone

On Wed, 23 May 2007 22:02:15 -0400, Tpeters

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I wouldn't worry about having too many fermentables
killing off the yeast.

What I would worry about is the final flavor and
getting the right amount of puree in the beer. It won't
hurt the yeast if you use too much or not enough for

And if you want it on the sweet side, you'll want to
either use an extract that has some unfermentable
sugars left in it or, if you're doing an all-grain
brew, mash your grains at close to 160 degrees F. That
tends to yield a less fermentable, sweeter beer.

If you use too much, you can always dilute it somewhat,
add some boiled wort with more extract in it, and allow
it to begin the fermentation process again. You'll end
up with more beer that way, of course.

Re: Dogfish Head Black and Blue clone

Just a follow up - I started with my LHBS's Belgian Dubbel minus the
candi sugar.  After heavy fermenting had slowed down I added 1 can of
Blackberrry Puree and gave let the yeast activity repeak then slow back
down a bit.  Then I added 1 can of Blueberry puree.  Once the yeast
started to slow down a third time I racked it to the secondary which is
where it is now 3 weeks to the day from boil date.  For the last week or
so activity is quite slow but the air lock still has a bubble about once
per 2 minutes.

I'm guessing about a month total before I bottle this.  When I racked it
over I gave it a taste and it isn't bad at all.

Both times I added puree I also put some pectin enzyme in the mix to aid
in clearing.  I will also add some super kleer to the secondary a few
days prior to bottling.

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