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Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
Let he who is without sin cast the first empty bottle.

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Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
here to ya mark olsen. sin is in the heart and me thinks you need to repent
more than me
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Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
Before I begin, I would like to say I am sorry if anything I am about to say
offends anyone except for this fellow who thinks drinking beer is a sin. He
can kiss my ass. But to the rest of you who brew your own beer God bless you
for keeping our tradition alive.

Now what I was about to say.

Is drinking beer a sin for a heathen such as myself? No. Odin himself drinks
Mead, all of my ancestors drank mead so I drink Mead and all of your
ancestors drank Mead or Ale and I can say this without knowing your race
because it was a gift from the Gods. If you have a problem with beer you
have a problem with your ancestors and that is not our problem, some of us
are not so quick to abandon our people like you do. You need to go take a
good look in the mirror then go to the store and buy some beer and enjoy it
while you still have some life in you. The Gods gave you free will so that
you can choose your own path, if you prefer to be so anal and hateful of
others then so be it but stay out of our face. We love beer and the homemade
brew is the best and we prefer it. My wife said, and I quote "Honey, I don't
like you making beer in our house" I promptly replied "I am sorry, my
ancestors tradition comes before you." If you think this is a sin then let
all of your peoples tradition die with you. No one here will care nor will
it matter to us. We prefer to keep the traditions alive and brewing the
Nector of The God's is the most important of all traditions in the world
because it was given to us by our shared ancestor, Odin the Almighty God
(for those of us who still keep the religion of our family) for everyone
else it is at least agreed that some deity gave us this great gift. We can
trace the making of Mead back before history itself. It is embeded in us. No
matter how much you complain it will never go away unless you intend on
killing everyone you disagree and that would be sick.

My advice to everyone is to keep your traditions alive. Do not let these
Christian haters yank your traditions away like they did so many of my
people. They come in pushing their evil ways upon everyone destroying the
fabric of their people and that is not right. There is nothing wrong with
what you are doing. You are the foundation of our people be you american or
canadian or mexican. It doesnt matter just keep it alive. That is most
important because your ancestors know more than you think and they are
constantly with you helping you in whatever you do.

Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
I want to be like Jesus, that is why I make wine.


Just Brew It!
Johnny Mc

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Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
Actually, If I'm not mistaken, Jesus' first miracle was at the wedding a
Cana, where he turned water into wine. Also of note is the fact that the
master of the ceremony tasted it and said that the best was saved for last,
so the Lord didn't make Thunderbird or any rot gut, but rather a fine wine.
Now, I've prayed, but never turned water into wine; however, with a little

Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
Jesus drank beer and wine himself you idiot!

Hans-Marc Olsen wrote:

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Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
Well, I know about the wine, but I didn't realize that Jesus drank
BEER.  As an avid defender of beer (and any other type of alcohol), I'd
sure like to know what biblical references there are to beer, or
anything else besides wine.  It will help me in the occasional debate
(argument).  Can anyone provide any specific verses.

Bill Velek

Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
I just ran out of beer, so I'm already IN hell

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Re: Drinking beer is a SIN ! ! ! !
yea...I'm sure Jesus told you this...directly right???....yea......
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