ESB & High Flocculant Yeast

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I recently brewed up a Norther Brewer ESB extract kit.  It behaived
differently from the other couple of beers I've made so I have a couple
of questions.

The Yeast is described as highly flocculant top-fermenting....  What if
any are the characteristics of highly flocculant yeast that I might need
to know?

The kit was rated as an OG of 1.047.  I measured 1.040 after brewing and
1.010 after about 4 days.  It maintained this sg for about two weeks
through 2 stage fermentation.  Kept bubbling mildly, more briefly if I
moved the carboy.  I noticed this batch was not near as active the first
few days.  It only blew off about a pint as opposed to almost 2 quarts
measured on an Irish Brown I last brewed.

At bottling time (day 17) it tasted like it would be good when finished.  
I don't expect all beers to be equal just trying to understand how my
observations from this batch compared to the others and what if anything
this means.


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