Euey's honey wheat beer recipe

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This one is a favourite with my friends, and I keep getting asked to
make it again. Very simple to do, no mess, no fuss - with a great full
flavoured beer at the end. The ingredients were purchased from Country
Brewer shop in Australia. Hope you enjoy it. Euey.

Primary fermenter sterilised over night

Wal's Wheat 1.7kg
Wheat liquid malt - 1kg Country brewer
Hops - Hersbrucker, 12g - Country brewer (placed in boiling water for
10 minutes then added to primary fermenter)
Pureharvest Organics - Organic Raw Honey, 500g
Safale yeast
Fermenter filled to 20L

Initial temperature 28
Initial Specific gravity - 1044
Final Specific gravity - 1010
Primary fermenter covered with black plastic bag.
Average temperature over 7 days - 20C

Racked after 7 days
Bulk primed after additional 4 days

18 litres final volume - Bulk primed with 140 grams of dry brown sugar
(dissolved in 200ml boiling water)

Final alcohol 4.9%

Re: Euey's honey wheat beer recipe

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So you don't boil the hops with the malt extract? When during the boil
do you add these steeped hops? I've never heard of this technique

Re: Euey's honey wheat beer recipe

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i just followed the instruction on the pack. It said to stand hops
(tea bag type) in boiled water in a mug for 10 minutes before adding
to primary fermenter.

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