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Hi All,

I was on the Sam Adams website -- looks like they have some interesting
exotics -- chocolate bock, millennium, triple bock and utopias.
Unfortunately, the Sam Adams distributors in my area can't get a single
one of these beers.

Any of you folks ever brew beers like these?  Where would I find the

Re: exotic beers

JustinW wrote:
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I could be wrong but I think all of those beers are out of production
with the exception of Utopias. However, you can still find all of them
around if you look hard enough. Also Triple Bock and Utopias employ
some pretty advanced techniques and special strains of yeast (at least
Utopias does - you probably wouldn't WANT to re-create Triple Bock)
that I don't think would be readily available to the homebrewer. I
think even the chocolate bock did something crazy in the mash with
kilned cocoa nibs or something.


Re: exotic beers

It is alleged that Randal claimed:

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According to my beer-geek brother, Utopia is out of production.  And
the only place he knows of in Boston that has it, sells it for $10/2oz

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Re: exotic beers

Jeffrey Kaplan wrote:
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Utopia I believe is still in production...you can get it for around
$150 a bottle...the chocolate boc is definatley still in
production...it's released once a year around valentines day...it's
pretty damn good.

Re: exotic beers

JustinW wrote:
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Chocolate Bock is a "seasonal" beer.  Millenium was the highest alcohol
beer, 19%, I believe, the first year it came out.  That turned into
"Utopias", which is 22%, I believe, and about $125 a bottle.  My local
"specialty" beer store said it should be out late June/early July, if I
remember right, but the price is a bit too high for me.  I have never
spent that much for anything, and I have spent a lot for Tequila and

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