Factory Bought Beer? - Conclusion

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Hello all,

            Thanks to everyone who responded to my post.  Many things were
mentioned that I had not thought about.

            Although I don't consider myself a connoisseur of beer, that may
change in a short time.  All I know is this:  I had to stop drinking beer
because all the beer that I was buying was "Skunky" tasting.  Sometime I
would get lucky and get good beer but during the hot summer months more
often than not.

        I live in Anaheim California.  In California brewpubs can make beer
on the premises and sell beer on the premises but not for "takeout."
"Microbreweries" on the other hand can make beer on the premises and sell
you beer to take home in kegs or growlers.

        Close to my house, in the city of Brea, is a restaurant/microbrewery
called "Taps Fishouse and Brewery"  The beers sell at the bar for $4.00 each
which I think is reasonable. You can buy a growler ( I believe their 64
ounces) for ten dollars.  If you buy them on Tuesday they are only $5.00 for
each growler.   At 64 ounces this turns out to be about 5   12oz beers or
almost a six pack.  This is what you'd pay in my area for a six pack of crap
beer that isn't on sale.   I was startled to find out how affordable this
beer can be.

        Have I just discovered the Holy Grail or what?  Hand crafted beer
that isn't pasteurized and haven't been reduced to skunk beer!  Hey, maybe
there is a god !



Re: Factory Bought Beer? - Conclusion
Jebediah Kornworthy wrote:

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Skunking is a reaction that happens when hops are exposed to UV light,
like sunlight of flourescent lights in beer coolers.  Beer packaged in
clear or green bottles is much more susceptible to it than beer in brown


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