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I am making a honey ale and am concerned about the FG of 1.018. I didn't do
a OG as I'm more concerned about getting my sanitation down and did the FG
on a whim. So I was prepping to bottle tomorrow when I started reading on
recommended temps for fermentation.

This is my second batch of brew but my first batch in the new house. I put
the fermentor in the garage. The garage gets to about 75 degrees at the peak
of the afternoon and down to about 60 at night. The initial blowoff lasted
about 12 hours and started about 12 hours after pitching the yeast.

While doing the FG the beer seemed kind of carbonated for having been
blowing off for a week, then reracked to a second fermentor for the past two

Should I still bottle tomorrow? I realize the worst that could happen is a
bad taste in terms of the beer but my airlock is still going about once
every 35 seconds or so and don't want to hear any bottles exploding...

Les Bowman

Re: Fermentation Temperature
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If your airlock is still bubbling every 35 seconds, it's not done yet!!!
Honey ferments slowly, so if you used a significant amount of honey in your
ale, it may take a month or two to ferment to completion.  The worst that
could happen is that your bottles could explode if you bottle too early.
Try to be patient, and wait until that airlock stops bubbling!!

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Re: Fermentation Temperature
Les Bowman wrote:
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Without an OG, it's tough to know if it's done.  To be safe, I'd leave
it a while.


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