Fermented Fuit Juice -- How to turn it into alcohol?

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I've been making fermented fruit juice.  I store and open commercial
apple juice in the fridge for weeks.  Then I just mix with water 1/2
and 1/2.  Gets nice carbonated pop going but  this isn't really
alcohol, at least not yet.  It's fermented alright.  But not alcohol.
At least, you can't get drunk from it.

What do you have to do to turn this into alcohol?

Re: Fermented Fuit Juice -- How to turn it into alcohol?


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Alcohol is created when sugar is consumed by yeast, with CO2 carbonating
the brew as a side effect. Your drinks are probably slightly alcoholic. The
yeast used to brew varies, but in general work in the temp range of about
10 - 30C. The drinks in the fridge are probably too cold for full
fermentation. You could try buying yeast sachets from a brew shop, brewing
at room temperature and adding some extra sugar for the yeasties to work

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