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Just tasted my first batch of homebrew beer, Whispering Wheat
Weizenbier and it doesn't taste nor does it look anything like germen
wheat beer. It taste more like a lite beer (It does not taste like
any of the wheat beer's I've tasted before) and looks more like
Budweiser(has a color that looks almost like apple juice but not as
dark) then the look of a German wheat beer. Did do something wrong or
is this the way it comes out?.

Here's what I did, I brewed my first batch following the Mr. beer
basic brewing instructions that came with the keg. I used one can of
Whispering Wheat Weizenbier, spring water and the dry yeast that's
included with the beer mix. I allowed the beer to ferment at room
tempture of 70 to 71 degrees for seven days and then bottled the
beer in 16 once miller lite plastic bottles and allowed it to
carbonate at room tempura of 70 to 71 degrees for seven days. After
24 hours of conditioning, I tasted one bottle and it had a very
noticeable water down taste. Three weeks later I tasted a second
bottle and the water down taste had went away but it has alittle bit
of a tang taste to it. Can anyone advise me if this is normal or did
I do something wrong?.

Even thou it does not look or taste like a germen wheat beer, it's
still good beer and you will start feeling it just as you finish
the first 16 oz bottle. Something Budweiser cant hold claim too!.

Re: First batch

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It doesn't appear that you did anything wrong from what you posted.  It
is probably just how it comes out.

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It is normal for a beer to change its taste over the first few
weeks/months.  I don't see anything wrong with the instructions you
post...  Just remember at what point it tasted best to you and the next
time you make the kit you'll know how long to let it age.

NOTE - if the beer was "infected" with something other than yeast, you
would usually get a sour taste or worse.  You don't report that, so I
don't think your beer is infected with anything.

If you want more body to the beer, you can use more extract or less
water (or both).  "Body" is a term used to describe how "thick" the beer
feels/tastes in your mouth.  "Less body" is like "watered-down."

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I think that you made what the kit was designed for.   Kits are just the
manufacturer's best guess at the style of beer they are trying to make.
Perhaps this one didn't hit it right?!  If you made good beer, you
probably did most everything right.

Relax, make more beer!  Eventually you will find one that you like.
You can start modifying recipes once you get comfortable with the


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