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Well folks, I just made my first batch by myself.  I've made a couple
of porters with the help of my friend, but never made a batch myself.
I did a Honey Red Ale.  Everything went smoothly.  I steeped the
grain, I added the extract.  At the proper time, I added the hops and
Irish Moss.  I dumped into the primary and cooled before pitching the
yeast about an hour ago.

Now my question.  This is a red ale.  Every red I've ever drank has
had a redish hue to it.  This is brown.  Will the color improve as it
ferments out and clears?  

I'm going to finish what I started, just want to know what's going on.


Re: First batch question
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It might lighten up a little bit as it clears, especially if it's a lighter
shade of brown, but if it's dark brown, there's not much chance of it
turning red.  If that's the case, best you could hope for would be a dark
ruby brown.

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Re: First batch question
when you checked the clour was it in a graduated cylinder when you were
checking the SG or was it in a carboy?  Volume makes a beer look darker
than it is.  Light has a harder time penetrating through the larger
volume (ie a test tube of beer would look lighter than a pint).  But if
there is no redness and you are judging from a carboy it would probably
be amber in colour at best.

Re: First batch question
It's when I first put it in the primary that it shows up as brown.  I
don't really care about the color, as long as it tastes good.  Thanks
to all for the input.


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