frothing at the airlock?

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I set a honey (500g) strawberry (750g) watermelon (2.5kgish) beer
fermenting yesterday but now it is frothing up at the air lock? I have
tasted some from the tap and it tastes great at the moment. What I did
was boil the honey, strawberry and watermelon (after peeling) in a pan
and mashed it all up in the pan. I then strained it and put the water
into the mix. Some pulp did get through though, as evidenced at the

It's still bubbling ferociously, so I guess my brew will be ok, yes?
Despite the incredible mess at the airlock?

Also, if I just used regular brewing yeast but had 500g of honey and
1kg of dextrose and watermelon too, how much alcohol am I likely to get
in the final mix and will it be too much for regular yeast?


Re: frothing at the airlock?

Next time or even now you can add tubing that fits in your fermenter
hole. THan put the other end of the tubing in a container filled with
idopher, vodka,  or bleach water. This is called a blow off tube.

The only way you can tell if the yeast you used is going to suffice in
that brew is if you took a hydrometer reading. Which you should be
taking anyway. It is one way to tell when your beer is finished and
what the ABV will be. Other than that its a toss up. If your beer stops
fermenting and is still super sweet try adding a yeast that can handle
higher gravity beers. If you are inpatient and bottle it sweet you
might find it to be gusher or not carbonated at all.


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time and taste?

Heath wrote:
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This sounds like something that will taste like some sort of Bacardi ICE
Is that the direction? how long does it take to be ready for drinking?
Thanks, Hippo

Re: time and taste?

I have previously made a honey strawberry beer which was a bit hit, so
I thought I'd add watermelon to the mix to try something different.
However, I didn't know at the time - I should have researched it - that
when the sugar from the watermelon has been fermented you can be left
with a taste similar to cucumber. I am hoping this is not the case or
the fact there is honey & strawberry in there it won't be as

I'll let you know how it turns out.


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