frothing when adding sugar drops during bottling phase, why?

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Hi, I'm currently bottling a Cascade Chocolate Mahogany Porter and I'm
getting a lot of frothing up when I drop the sugar drops in (1 in a
stubby, 2 in a long neck). I've never seen this happen before. I set
it fermenting on the 17th and I'm bottling on the 26th, the gravity
was 1.008 yesterday and today.

Like I said, I've never seen this happen before, but has anybody else?
Is this 'normal'?


Re: frothing when adding sugar drops during bottling phase, why?

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Well... 10 days seems just a tad short  ...  it is either continuing to
ferment or it has a lot of CO2 dissolved in it, which is coming out of
solution when you add the sugar...

Since it was 1.008, it is most likely done and you probably just caught
it with a lot of CO2 in solution.  Just watch your bottles closely
for a while (open one every few days) and see if there is too much
CO2 building up.  If they stabilize in a couple weeks, you'll be OK.
If they get too much pressure building up you can pop all the caps to
release some pressure and re-cap.

(If the fermenter was in a colder area the beer will hold more dissolved
CO2 - and if it is warmer where you bottle, the extra will want to come
out of solution.)


Re: frothing when adding sugar drops during bottling phase, why?

How much frothing are you talking about?
When I do my stouts using a dark malt extract I tend to get a small
amount of
froth or bubbles when I transfer or shake the brew in any
way.  While I am not
sure on the exact differences it appears to me
that the dark malts are thicker
than the lighter malts and this could
be part of the reason it bubbles when
agitated.  Kind of like the
difference of shaking up water and vegetable oil.
The thicker the
solution the more likely it can trap air.
Anyways, if you were just seeing a few bubbles I wouldn't worry about
it.  Now
if you are talking frothing like it is foaming up a head on it
then there could
be some problems.

Derric;14255 Wrote:
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I have never tried this, but what if most of the priming sugar has been
and there is not enough left to rebuild lost carbonation?  Is
this a potential
for a somewhat flat brew?  
Most likely not since you sound as though you have done this before but
it just
makes me concerned there is a possibility for bad results.


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Re: frothing when adding sugar drops during bottling phase, why?

I was getting a serious frothing up and overflowing from the bottle
within seconds of adding the sugar. When I added the sugar drop first
and then filled the bottle, there weren't any problems. Weird, as I've
done it the other way around too for years with no problems.



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