FS: Brewing Equipment in Oklahoma

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OK I have taken a closer at all of my brewing equipment and I have
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A few more items that I need to add include the following:
1 - Carbonator Cap works with a three liter bottle $10
1 - CO2 Injector $15
3 - Airlocks and 5 - Stoppers $5 for all of them.
1 - 2000ml Erlenmeyer Flask $15
1- Sanitizer Injector for sanitizing bottles $10
1 - Sample Taker for Carboy fermenters $5

Also there are a couple of corrections that I need to make to the
original post as well:
The Conical Fermenter comes with an extra conical for the price
above.  I used the extra conical as a back up when I want to brew
to back, but I guess with this it would not be difficult to put two
conicals into action at the same time so if a guy did that it would
allow him to brew double batches of about 25 or so gallons at a time.
Also if one person buys all of the kegs I will throw in a tube of
lubrifilm and 2 complete sets of extra O-rings to replace any that
might be leaky or something.  Of the price for the beer faucets are
$25 each and the Ball Lock Keg Q/D Connectors I have 2 of the black
and 2 of the grey.  I have taken pics of everything and would be
willing to send you any that you request via email.

Send any emails to hayescaryatyahoodotcom or you can simply post
here.  I cannot check my email from work so if you want to get me
during business hours you will need to post here otherwise email will
work just fine.

Thanks for allowing me to take up space here.  I have enjoyed this
hobby/obsession for several years and just want to pass on some fair
prices to others who may be in need of this equipment or who are
looking to just get started.  Also let me know if any of these prices
seem unfair and I will certainly consider lowering them.

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