Glass Carboys, Primary Fermenters, Air Locks, and FUN

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My friend and I have been home brewing for the last several years. We
continuously try new things and push the boundaries (sometimes WAY too
far)  :) Anyway, we are moving and now have room to expand.
Where can we find the most affordable (new or used) products for
Mostly we are in need of more glass containers/carboys especially
larger ones (3 to 20 gallon!) but also 6 - 8 gallon new food grade
plastic fermenters, airlocks, yeast, etc.
Any advice, links, or help would be greatly appreciated.
 THanks again
analogvacuumtube at gmail dot com

Re: Glass Carboys, Primary Fermenters, Air Locks, and FUN

I recently bought two 6.5 gal carboys on Ebay. I didn't to pay shipping
because I searched for auctions within a 50 mile radius of my zip code and
contacted the seller to check if it would be OK to do a pick-up if I won
their auction. I got both for a total of $22 and the lady threw in a
hydrometer and a floating thermometer that was "laying around" and she
wanted out of the house when I picked the stuff up!
You put what you are willing to pay and pick up the ones you win.


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