Gravity at siphon time

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Hi, I took the gravity this morning and got 1.010.  I transfered the wort
tonight to the carboy and I took the gravity of the remaining wort in the
primary bucket containing a bit of liquid with the deposit of the yeast and
the gravity of that liquid was 1.016.   Is it at all possible that the
gravity goes backward?



Re: Gravity at siphon time

Daniel wrote:
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You'll read different specific gravities at different temperatures. The
wort will be "heavier" when cooler.

Karl S.
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Re: Gravity at siphon time


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And if Daniel had posted that the temps were different, that would
mean something.  However, given that most folks don't let the temps
vary by more that 5 to 10 degrees, it makes no difference.  It
certainly wouldn't account for a difference in over .006 in SG.  

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