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I just made my first batch of Irish Stout.  Everything turned out fairly
well, but I do have one problem.  The beer when open just keeps foaming and
foaming and will foam over (slowly) when opened.  Eventually after about
half of the beer is consumed, the foaming stops.  Can someone please point
out where I went wrong?

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Ummm, don't shake the bottle before you open it :)

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Leave it to me to miss the obvious =)

Maybe I went overboard with the carbonation

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How long have the bottles been conditioning?

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They have been conditioning in bottles for just about 2.5 weeks, in my
basement at about 75 degrees.

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Assuming you didn't over-prime the bottles the CO2 probably hasn't fully
dissolved in your beer, give it a couple more weeks.

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Sounds good!  Thanks!!  Next on tap should be tasty Red Ale, that I am
looking forward to making.  Hopefully it turns out well.

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Does the beer taste Ok? if not you may have an infection.
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Umm.. I am not much of an Irish Stout drinker to begin with, but it tastes

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At Home wrote:
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There are several possible causes for something like this.  Overpriming
is certainly one of them.  Another is bottling too soon, before FG is
truly reached.  Also, an infection will in effect cause continued
fermentation in the bottle with similar results.

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On Thu, 03 Jun 2004 19:01:34 +0000, At Home wrote:

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My first thought is, it sounds like you're just not drinking it
fast enough.  (You need to get to that half way point faster...)

Ok, real answer: I had a similar experience with a red ale once.  It was
very malty to begin with, and then I made the mistake of trying to add
carbonation by adding "just a little extra bottling sugar".  Bad idea.
Every bottle I opened would foam over, no matter how cold I chilled it
down to.  I even tried letting it condition longer, (like an extra week or
two), and it never seemed to help.  

Net-net: I would point to the priming sugar.  Watch the amounts on "thick"


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You could have added too much priming sugar (that always causes this

This happens to me in bottles in which I leave a large amount of
head-space at bottling.  I don't know why.  I have a couple of theories,
but they are pure conjecture.  Okay, so they aren't theories in that
case.  Lots of CO2 could be due to too much O2 getting in during
bottling.  I have read an idea that fermentation in the bottle is slowed
down by high pressure.  All other things being equal, a given amount of
gas production will increase the pressure of a small volume more than
the pressure of a large volume.  So, more CO2 can be produced in a
bottle with a large head-space without generating inhibitively high
pressure.  It sounds like a good explanation... but so did the
non-heliocentric model of the solar system...

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