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Re: Head retention
You can add 250gm corn syrup (either powder or liquid) to your brew, this is
a unfermentable sugar, and creates a bit more body in the beer, and aids the
head retention.

Also carbonation drops are good, they provide a smaller bubble, that sits on
top of the brew, and creates a good belgium lace.


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Re: Head retention
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I see you are probably in Australia and things may be called differently
over there.  In the US, "corn syrup" is 100% fermentable - it is just
dextrose, just like "corn sugar" that most of us use for priming,
usually with some vanilla and salt added.

In some places "maltodextrin" seems to be called "corn" this or that...
so perhaps that is what yours is.  Maltodextrin is unfermentable and
adds body/mouthfeel or something like that.

So.... in the US, "corn sugar/syrup" is 100% fermentable.  Maltodextrin is
usually labeled as such here and is not fermentable.  Here, it is almost
always in white powder form.

So... everyone check your label! :)

Re: Head retention
Nicole Whitaker wrote:

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CO2 is CO2, no matter what the source.  Any priming will give you the
fine vbubbles if you give it enough time to fully go into solution.

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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