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I brewed my 3rd homebrew tonight and ran into to a problem. All 3 have been
extract kits and the 1st two went great and taste better. The 3rd (Brewer's
Best Holiday Ale) was going fine until I checked starting gravity. Recipe
says it should be 1.070 - 1.078. I started with 1.031 @ 76 degrees. I
followed the recipe exactly like it said. It smells great, but just worried
why the SG isn't right. I did use bottled spring water, the same as the
first 2 times. Any ideas??? How can I save it??? I put it in the primary and
pitched the yeast already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you post the ingredients, we'd be able to tell what the SG is
"supposed" to be.  But if you were using a decent kit, I don't think you really
need to worry... most of the time if the SG is way off of where it ought to be
for the recipe, it just means that the extract and water weren't mixed as
thoroughly as they could be.  The beer will, in all likelihood, be just fine.



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Sorry, should have posted that originally.
6.6 lbs Light Malt Extract
2 lbs Light DME
1 lb 8oz Crushed Crystal Malt 80L
4 oz Crushed Chocolate
4 oz Crushed Black Patent
Spices- Orange peel, cinamon, ginger
1 1/2 oz Nugget hops (bittering)
1 oz Willamette Hops (finishing)

As of this morning, evrything is normal. The yeast has taken off, but not as
strong as I would have thought with all that sugar??!!!

Thanks again,

Beer on Tap--Cherry Wheat
Bottled -------IPA
In primary----Holiday Ale
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Re: Help!

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For that extract/grain bill ProMash gives me an estimate of 1.074 OG.
My bet is that it just wasn't mixed completely when you took the

It should be fine!


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Re: Help!

It's fermenting very strong. I thought about it later and came to the same
conclusion. I originally started out with a turkey fryer, but kept reading
how bad tha aluminum was, so I never used it for brewing. I went to an
enamel coated pot for a temporary fix, but it's too small. That's where I
think the problem came in. I followed the instructions, but instead of a 2
gallon wort,I started with  3 1 gallon, then added 1 1 gallons of water
to the batch after. It's always worked before, but I added a new problem. I
switched from my plastic primary, where I poured the wort into the water
where it mixed, to a 6 1 carboy, where I siphoned the wort in the water
and shook it as good as you can.

I've learned my lesson though, I will use Turkey fryer until I get a SS brew
pot and I will use a funnel in the carboy, so I can pour it in. I'm sure the
pouring will help with the oxygen for the yeast anyhow. Thanks for your

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