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Dear all,

I am doing research on specifically diacetyl whereby I am going to build a
model in matlab to predict the 'fermentation duration' based on the first
48-60 hours of past batch fermentation datasets.  This will mainly involve
curve fitting Specific Gravity and Diacetyl (TVD) concentration data and
predicting the fermentation duration based on the how long similar previous
data took.

I would be very grateful if anyone you could send me information
regarding diacetyl or past work done on this subject - as im sure someone
must have studyed this.

I hope to look for trends to indicate the following.. so further theory to
explain these issues would be of great help:

1) High dissolved O2 gives high diacetyl
2) Slow fermentation should lead to diacetyl problem
3) High diacetyl at end may indicate high diacetyl
4) Low yeast generation number (early yeast culture) could lead to high
5) How did yeast perform in last batch?
6) High temperature rate of rise should lead to high diacteyl
7) Bad temperature control lead to high diacetyl

 I have data on yeast generation number, time, temperature, specific gravity
and VDK (diacetyl) for 43 bach fermentations.

I am thinking along the lines of plotting scatter graphs like the
followiung -  a scatter graph of  'Time taken for diacetyl to be in spec.
below value of 0.1)' vs. 'steepest slope of SG curve' to try and find any
links as I do really not know what to expect? I understand there is a lot to
take on here, but I would be delighted if anyone could just give me a few
general to get the project started (ie graphs to plot which may be of help).

Kind regards,


Re: help w/ research -fermentation

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The silence is deafening.

Hmmm, I imagine that the likes of yeast manufacturers, breweries and
wineries would have studied this to death. Have you tried approaching them?
I'm sure that you'll find at least some who are prepared to assist with
generic information on the subject.

Time to hit the web search engines.

Good luck

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