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Does anybody know of a place near Lexington KY that sells kits and supplies?

Please email to wjascortt@hotmail.com

what style & FG
12.0 lbs.  2 Row  malt
1/2 lb Crystal 60L
1/8 lb Carapils
3/4 lb Wheat
2.0 lb Dark Brown Sugar
2.0 oz Mt Hood 4.4% (40 min)
1.5 oz.  Hallertau 2.8%  (15 min)
0.5 oz  Hallertau 2.8% (5 min)
WLP500 Trapist Ale Yeast

50 12oz bottle target. ( 5 gallons )
Infusion mash

I'm thinking its like a Belgian Scotch style and 1.06+fg

stuck wort chiller
I've got a stuck wort chiller. 2nd time its happened (back to back).
There is a small flow of water going thru the coil, but nothing like
before.  Last time I reversed the flow of cold water (changing the hose
connections) and this corrected the flow rate.  This time, its too dark
to fool around with (22:30), so I'll let it cool at a 1hour rate instead
of a 15min rate.

Any ideas?  I'm not putting anything through the coil, except water.

My regards,


Re: stuck wort chiller
It must be a vapor lock.
Today after work I hooked the hose up to it and good flow came through.  So
next time I'll make sure there is a flow before putting the chiller in the

Re: what style & FG
Quoted text here. Click to load it

According to StrangeBrew 1.7 (http://www.strangebrew.ca), it looks like a
Belgian Strong Dark Ale, and closer to 1.090 OG.  Wow, this brew will really
knock you on your butt!  It should have a nice copper color, great creamy
head, and a sweet but very complex flavor.  You could even age it for a
couple years and see how it mellows out.  Good luck!

"Just a drink, a little drink, and I'll be feeling GOOooOOooOOooD!" --
Genesis, 1973-ish

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