'Homebrewers' Team is celebrating its second birthday today

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Two years ago, on 11/21/05, I formed the 'Homebrewers' international
grid computing team on the World Community Grid -- an IBM project.  I
now wish to express my thanks to the various homebrewers who have
donated what otherwise would have been wasted computer power; we now
have 76 members, and during our two-year existence, our team has donated
over 105 years worth of computer time for non-profit medical research to
help find cures for cancer, AIDS, muscular dystrophy, and for other
important humanitarian work.  Our team is currently ranked #85 out of
17,696 teams.  The Work Community Grid has collected and utilized the
equivalent of over 125 THOUSAND _years_ of computer research, and is so
safe and secure that it is supported by many large corporations,
colleges and universities, actual government agencies, and even the Boy
Scouts and Girl Scouts.  I encourage my fellow brewers to join us.

This is a safe, secure, and easy way to help mankind for very little
cost (just a little extra electricity to your computer), and if anyone
is interested you can contact me or visit my 'Homebrewers' Team webpage
here at http://home.alltel.net/billvelek/team.html

Bill Velek

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