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I'm looking at a recipe that calls for 2.0 oz of 4.4 Alpha Acid Hops.  I
don't have a clue what type of hops those are can anyone help?


Re: hops

news.bresnan.net is of the opinion:
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Take a look at http://www.brewerylane.com/hops_profiles.html -- there's
several possibilities there.  Best thing to do is go to your local home brew
store and ask them -- they'll know what they've got in stock and what it's
alpha acid content is.  If you go in and say "I'd like some Fuggles please"
(for instance) and they're out, then you're up the creek unless you've
memorised some other likely candidates.  There's also the issue of what
you're actually going to be using the hops for, and your LHBS can help you
select something appropriate on that basis, too.

- Matt

Re: hops

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Several are in that range. Saaz, hallertauer, tettnanger, sterling,
crystal, goldings, mt hood, willamette, fuggle, and probably others.

Re: hops

news.bresnan.net wrote:

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Shane, it is _EXTREMELY_ strange for a recipe to list the AA% of a hop
but not specify the variety.  During more than 10 years of brewing, I
don't think I have _ever_ seen such a thing.  It is very common for
people to specify the variety without giving the AA%, because that will
usually vary a bit anyway. As was already pointed out by Matt and 'abw',
the problem is that there are a number of hops that will contain that
percentage or something close to it, and using one instead of another
can produce significant differences.  Failing to name the variety of
hops just had to be an oversight by the author ... unless he did the
same for the other hop additions (generally you will have three hop
additions: bittering, flavor, and aroma), in which case I wouldn't put
much faith in the recipe.  I'd say you have three options: try to
contact the author for an answer, experiment and take your chances while
realizing that it is very improbable that you will produce the same beer
as the author, or just find another recipe.


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