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Tonight I bottled a batch of beer.  It's an American Weissen.  The
instructions didn't say anything about how long to keep it bottled before
drinking it.

I brewed the beer on May 9th, moved it to a 2ndary on May 16th and bottled
today (June13th, darn procrastination).  How long should it carbonate in the


Re: how long

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depends on temperature, but aweek should be ok IMHO.  Try one out in a
week if it isn't carbonated enough leave it a little longer.  At worst
it will be semi-flat beer.  If you used pet bottles just squize 'em to
see if they are firm yet.

Re: how long
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I'm a procrastinator also and from my experience, the longer it stays in
secondary the longer it take to reach good fermentation in the bottle since
there are less living yeast cells in suspension. I would let it stand for 3
weeks before tasting the fisrt and it can go for as long as 2 months.
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Re: how long
Jeff Harris wrote:

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It's quite instructional to taste a bottle every week or so - you can
monitor the beer's change over time. It also gives you an idea as to
when a particular beer has peaked. Weissens by nature should probably be
drunk young (start 3-4 weeks?). Any banana/clove usually fades over time
- so if you like that sort of thing - drink early. If not let it age a
little, but being a low IBU style beer it probably won't 'last' long.

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