how much priming sugar

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I am just about ready to rack my beer after primary fermentation. Since
my wife has thrown away the instrucations, I am not sure exactly how
much priming sugar to use!

I'll be using standard white granulated sugar (I know that there are
better alternatives, but this is what I will be using!)

How much sugar should I use as to not over-carbonate? I will be
rackinging into a 5 gallon plastic keg.

My last set of instructions for a previous beer advised about 1/2
teaspoon per pint. Other instructions I have found online suggest about
4 tablespoons total.

Anyone advise a decent amount?


Re: how much priming sugar

6g longneck bottle.

30 bottles = 180g

Less or more depending on how carbonated you want it.

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Re: how much priming sugar

Would this be the same for a keg because I know that bottles can take
more pressure! Also, what size are the bottles that you are talking
about as this would surely factor in the amount of sugar I would be
using for a 5 gallon (40 pint) keg.


Re: how much priming sugar

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Go look at:    where he discusses it in good
depth.  For 5 gallons of beer to be put into bottles, usually use 4 oz (by
weight) sugar (about 3/4 cup).  Boil it in a little water and rack your
wort onto it, stir a little, then bottle.  That's a lot less trouble than
trying to measure it a little per each bottle.

For kegs (which I don't do), I think it is usually recommended to use a
little less sugar - he may cover that in

I think Derric is on to something

Derric is right

Re: how much priming sugar

Usual priming rate is one level measured teaspoon per 750 ml bottle.
That is 27 teaspoons per 20 litres.

For years I guessed this having found a suitably sized stainless teaspoon
which I ground down a little because it was initially too large. I just kept
it in my kit & never actually got around to checking the exact amount. I am
a bit fussier now but the beers no better.

Right now I don't have to hand the conversions to imperial or US gallons.
Your teaspoon measure will probably state the equivalent mls & you can
easily convert to tablespoons if you wish, again I don't have to hand the
exact tablespoon to teaspoon conversion factor.

BTW there is absolutely nothing wrong with plain white sugar as the
secondary (in bottle) fermentation medium. It's clean, free flowing. &
readily to hand in any kitchen; particularly suitable for bottle priming.

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Re: how much priming sugar


Have you tried the priming drops from the brew shop?
no measuring, just drop two in each 750ml bottle.
I found it leaves a smaller residue in bottle than white sugar.


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