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Re: How to make Coopers Stout from the homebrew kit

I have found that malt adds body and sugar adds alcohol.  In my stouts I
enough malts to give me the thick body that I love but then will
always add
sugar to give it just a bit more kick.  After all it is the
buzz factor that
makes a good stout all the more interesting.
Please note that more sugar less malt can create a thin almost nothing
brew but
can give you one big buzz, but then who wants to just go for
the buzz without
the wonderful flavor and enjoyment of a quality brew.
If you are going for that
you just as well make a still.
Denny said 20-25% is OK and for the most part I have to agree with
that.  I say
the most part because it depends on how much malt you plan
to put in.  If you
going for one of those watered down 4-5% ABV brews
then you may find 25% sugar
doesn't leave you much body in the brew and
you just as well to have picked up
some cheap low cal light beers from
the store and saved yourself the time and


nothing like kicking back in a lawn chair on a
beautiful morning with a
mug of dark ale to start the day out right.
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