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Sorry for the crosspost.
I pitched yeast into a hefe 24+ hrs ago and see nothing. Should i be
worried? when should I pitch my backup yeast?


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You should have pitched after 12 hours of inactvity. Go ahead and pitch
your back up yeast.

Re: Inactive yeast

I've had a few wait 48 hours to start the ferment. Relax and don't sweat

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Re: Inactive yeast

You could try to aerate your wort to wake up the yeast.

I once had a batch
that simply wouldn't start fermenting (I think the
wort was too cold when I
pitched the yeast). I poured the wort from
it's bucket to another and back, and
after that the fermentation
started without problems (I think I did this almost
two days after
pitching the yeast, can't remember for sure anymore).


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Re: Inactive yeast

Thanks for the help. My internet is screwy or I would have replied
sooner. I re-pitched and it is going crazy. a load off my mind! now i
can concentrate on getting another cider and a wit going.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good belgian style ale like duvel? I
am an extract with specialty grains level brewer, so whole grain is
out for now.

Thanks again for all the help!

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