is it okay to add extra water to the secondary?

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Here's my second attempt at posting this. I'm making a coffee stout
but I only put 21 litres of water in the primary. I suspect it may
come out too strong so I was wondering are there any problems with
adding an extra litre or two when I transfer to secondary?



Re: is it okay to add extra water to the secondary?

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I do that fairly often - if my brew turns out stronger than
anticipated, I sometimes add water.  In fact, because I have a boiler
which is only just big enough for my usual 5 (UK) gallon brews, I
sometimes deliberately brew too strong and add water to the secondary
in order to gain a couple of extra pints.

Theoretically, I suppose there is a chance of infection using cold
water direct from your faucet (tap to us Brits), but I have never had
any problems.



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