Join the "HomeBrewers" international team

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There are currently 33 members of the "HomeBrewers" team on the World
Community Grid.  In just 73 days, we have moved up to the top 11% of all
teams, despite that most of them had a huge headstart -- some in excess
of a year.  We beat Budweiser long ago, and in the next couple of days
we should pass the MillerTime team which started nearly a year ahead of
us.  But the top 10% of teams have some very heavy players, including
teams from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, and corporations
like Microsoft and IBM.  But with enough homebrewers, we will be able to
compete with them, too.  And competition between teams is a lot of FUN!

This is for a GREAT cause to benefit all of mankind, and won't cost you
more than a few minutes of your time to get started.  We use the _SPARE_
power on our computers for medical research for diseases such as cancer,
diabetes, and many others.  We welcome and encourage all homebrewers
from around the world to join our international team to help make a big
difference.  The life that your computer might help save ... could be
your own.  For more info, please visit

Bill Velek

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