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When a keg or mini keg is used , do you put the beer in the keg and
pressurize and carbonate it with co2 cartridges or do you also add sugar
(like when bottling) to generate co2 by fermentation?


Re: keg question

32hr21hjuf92y wrote:
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Scroll down to keg carbonation (or hit ctrl-f and search for it).
Those were the first two hits I got off google (hint hint).

You can also carbonate with sugar instead of forcing co2, but then you
will have sediment (and sometimes the keg won't pressurize properly from
the fermentation). Just force carbonate, it's easier.

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32hr21hjuf92y;11726 Wrote:
> Hi,
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Yes on both.  I'll do either depending on what I want for an end
result.  Either
option will still need CO2 to seal the keg properly.
If you're in a hurry,
force carbing is the way to go.  If you have the
time and want a little more for
less work keg conditioning is the
answer.  It's always nice to have choices.

Good luck,


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Re: keg question

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I'd be very hesitant to use cartridges to force carb. I don't think they
have enough pressure.
Further research is called for!


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Cartriges will not work to force carbonate a keg. They're only
sufficient to dispense. You need any where form 5psi to 30 psi
depending on what temperature your beer is and what carbonation level
you want for that beer. In order to achieve that much pressure you need
a CO2. There are tons of sites out there show how much pressure to use.
If you don't have a tank then use sugar, you'll just have to wait
longer before you can enjoy. And if you use sugar make sure the first
pour is only about a half glass and dump it to get the sediment out
before servering.

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