Leffe Brun

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While lying awake in bed worrying what to brew tomorrow, I finally decided  
to see if I could get any recipe on Leffe Brun or some other dark Belgian  
ale. Not a lot out there - it seems if the abbots keep their secrets well.  
This was the only one I could find.(from Bitter Dave - The Northern Brewer  
Homebrew Forum)

1/4 lb. aromatic,
1/4 lb. biscuit,
1/4 lb. chocolate,
1/8 lb. honey malt,
1/4 lb. munich malt
2 oz. malto dextrine,
9 lbs pale extract,
1/2 lb. dark candi sugar
1 oz. Pride of ringwood hops
1/2 oz. Styrian Golding

I am on my way to my home brew shop now, but I can see problems on the  
horizon - do not think I will get all that at the  Oz QLD shop, then again  
maybe I am too negative. Any other recipes/ideas will be most appreciated.

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