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Lets talk a bit about light and what it does to your beer... I know that
it can alter the taste of the beer in the finished product, but what I
am getting at is does the type of light matter?!?!  Natural vs.
artificial (eg. light bulbs).  Reason I am asking, bottling in clear
bottles vs. bottling in browned bottles.  My finished stash I always
keep in the closet, but I also use 1 gallon glass jugs for
experimentation, and I don't store those in the closet during the
brewing process, they sit in the bathroom which is dark 90% of the
time.  I have always used a mixture of clear and dark plastic bottles
(slowly saving up my funds for glass re-corking bottles).


Re: Light

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The main effect of "skunking" (light-struck) is caused by some wavelenths
of light causing reactions with the hop compounds that are present in
the beer.  These wavelengths occur naturally in sunlight (strongest) and
also are present in florescent lights (to a lesser degree than sunlight).
Most feel that there isn't enough of those wavelengths in incandescent
light to bother the beer much.  There's lots of details available on
this subject if you google for it (

Also, light colored beers get skunked easier and quicker than darker
beers, probably because the light can penetrate further into it and
strike more hop compounds.

So... sitting your light colored beer in the sunlight is a very bad idea.
Don't keep it under florescent light for LONG periods either.  Many/most
folks do their brewing WORK under florescent lights and that doesn't seem
to harm it noticably.  But storage under florescent light will skunk it -
like in stores who use coolers with built-in florescent bulbs.

So.... your dark bathroom is fine - and especially fine if it has
a incandescent bulbs.  Or, hey, throw a black trash bag over it!

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